Essential Camping Supplies

Camping involves a lot of other fun activities like bird hunting, boat riding, fishing, hiking, and others. These activities would not be enjoyable without the right camping equipment and supplies. For neophytes, they might think that a camping tent and a sleeping bag would be all they would need. However, equipment and supplies help make your life easier while you are on a camping adventure.

If you are planning on going on a camping trip, make a list of the things you need to bring. A list is a good way to remember to bring everything you need and avoid hassles that may come about because you forgot to bring something. Plan your activities out first and determine what supplies you would need for each activity. If outdoor fishing is one of the things you want to try out, then make sure to include fishing supplies on your list.

Basic Camping Supplies

One of the most important camping supplies that you will need is a good tent that is waterproof and a waterproof tarp to put it on. Nothing ruins a camping adventure more than sleeping inside a wet tent. For your safety, do not forget to bring a first aid kid. Accidents sometimes happen and you need to be prepared. Make sure that you kit is stocked with medicines, antiseptic, saline solutions, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, wipes, scissors, and a small knife. You also need insect spray and repellent ointment.

Cooking supplies are also important. Depending on what you plan to eat, you may need to bring a portable stove, burner, pots, and others. Bring matches or something to light a fire with. Bring enough food for you and your companions. Perishable foods and fruit juices should be stored in a cool bag. However, it is usually advisable to bring only food that will keep, such as canned goods or dried foods. A simple meal is usually preferable so that you can travel light. Click here for more info about camping supplies.

Do not forget to bring clothing and a sleeping bag. These sleeping bags usually come in non-waterproof containers so bring a different bag which is waterproof to keep your bedding dry. Roll mats, on the other hand are usually waterproof and can be easily tied to your backpack. Make sure you backpack is waterproof and is intended for camping purposes. For more facts and information about camping, you can go to

Other things that you will need are a cooler, storage items, flashlights and lanterns, maps, and a battery operated radio. If you are very far from the city, consider bringing a flare, which is used in emergency situations to call for help. Flares can be seen from a distance in case you are in trouble and have no cell phone coverage. Remember to pack spare pegs for your tent because they get lost very easily. Check out the ice box for camping.